• Green River Ordinance

    Green River Ordinance

    Sunday night we had the opportunity to go see some old friends who were playing a concert at Stubbs in Austin, TX.  Green River Ordinance is a band who we have known for years.  Annie went to high school with the founding members of the band.  She remembers shooting headshots for their Myspace page back before Facebook existed.  Jamey Ice (lead guitars) was kind enough to get us photo passes for the show (above).  They just put out a great new album called Under Fire, which you should go download immediately.

    We brought along just the basic gear, our 5d mark ii armed with a 24-70 2.8 and a 60d with an 85 1.8.  Between the two setups we could cover most of what we needed in the cramped venue.  

    While the opening act, Grahm Colton, was playing Jamey took us to Stubbs version of backstage, which is a maze of rooms which open up to a court yard with an astro turf patio and an old Streamline trailer.  It's pretty cool to imagine all of the bands who have hung out in that spot.

    The guys went on at ten, so about ten till we went to stake out our spot in the crowd.  Stubbs is cramped, so there weren't a lot of places to get good shots, but we had a blast trying.  Here are some images from the show.

  • The Ladybug Sessions

    The Ladybug Sessions

    I got to see my sweet friend Desi this week and welcome her angel-faced baby girl into my house for her first photo shoot (the parade of girls continues!).  We turned off the air-conditioning to keep the room warm enough for her bare bottom, and Desi kept her fed so she would stay drowsy... it was an adventure!  See the rest of this collection on our client review page, and enjoy!

  • Return to the Hiding Place

    Return to the Hiding Place

    Earlier this spring I got to spend two days on the set of "Return to the Hiding Place," a film that some dear friends of mine are now in the process of producing and editing for its debut later this year.  I've never seen so much artistic talent and expertise come together right before my eyes... it was such a gift to be there!  You can find out more about this incredible film at or by checking out Return to the Hiding Place on Facebook.

  • Sugar and Spice

    Sugar and Spice

    In the past few weeks, three of my dearest friends (Cally, Iris, and Destiny) have given birth to three beautiful little girls.  I got to visit two of them this week and photograph the babies!  I'm amazed at how much you can manhandle a newborn (gently, of course) without waking her up.  These two sleeping beauties were so committed to slumbering that they were entirely unphased by their very first modeling experiences.  What a joy it was to spend this time with them, and with their beautiful mothers!

  • Introducing Mr. and Dr. Mrs. Gillock!

    Introducing Mr. and Dr. Mrs. Gillock!

    I've come to the end of a six-wedding stretch in six months and am now away at Young Life camp for the summer, so I had to edit these on the road and upload them in hotel rooms... but finally, they're here for all to see!  Mel and Richard got married on Memorial Day weekend after about a decade-long romance, challenged by distance and degrees and all sorts of things.  On the gift table was none other than their prom picture together!  They chose a beautiful vineyard in Oklahoma, and among the many charming and beautiful details of the day, one stood out the most: the unmistakable, unwavering grin on Richard's face every time he looked at Mel.  I have so many pictures of Richard smiling from ear to ear! Congratulations, my sweet friends! (You can find the rest of these photos on our client review page. Have fun!)

  • Great Expectations

    Great Expectations

    I got to spend the morning with my beautiful friend Cally this weekend. Her daughter Corrinne is due to arrive in the next three weeks, which made this the perfect time to document the magical and transformed state of Cally's body.  Cally and I went to college together, lived next door to each other in the freshman dorms, got married two weeks apart, and now will be having babies in the same year.  Needless to say, we've gotten to share some of the most exciting moments of life so far, and this was no exception.  I've had the privilege of photographing Cally's engagement, her bridal portraits, and family portraits on her and her husband's sides of the family, so it was really fun to see my work all over her house as we went from room to room finding just the right window light.  Was there ever a woman so radiant?

  • A new look

    A while back I heard that was reworking to offer the ability to build a website.  Since the moment I heard about it, I was excited and thinking that this could be the answer for the next version of  Now that I've been able to play a little bit, I think it might just work.  If you made your way here, please give me some feedback.  This is very much a work in progress and most of the current content is just to test the flexibility of the site.