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  • Introducing Mr. and Dr. Mrs. Gillock!

    Introducing Mr. and Dr. Mrs. Gillock!

    I've come to the end of a six-wedding stretch in six months and am now away at Young Life camp for the summer, so I had to edit these on the road and upload them in hotel rooms... but finally, they're here for all to see!  Mel and Richard got married on Memorial Day weekend after about a decade-long romance, challenged by distance and degrees and all sorts of things.  On the gift table was none other than their prom picture together!  They chose a beautiful vineyard in Oklahoma, and among the many charming and beautiful details of the day, one stood out the most: the unmistakable, unwavering grin on Richard's face every time he looked at Mel.  I have so many pictures of Richard smiling from ear to ear! Congratulations, my sweet friends! (You can find the rest of these photos on our client review page. Have fun!)